About Us

Bay Physical Therapy is an outpatient physical therapy clinic and fitness center located in Monterey California. Our physical therapists have all earned their Doctorate of Physical Therapy degrees and are well-equipped to address the impairments their patients face and to help them achieve their goals.

At Bay Physical Therapy, our therapists treat a wide variety of conditions and impairments including, but not limited to:

  • Musculoskeletal Pain
  • Pre-op and Post-op Rehabilitation
  • Gait and Balance Impairments
  • Vestibular Disorders
  • Sports Injuries and Return to Sport Training
  • Women's Health and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
  • Pediatric Care
  • fall Assessment and Prevention

Our therapists will work with you to determine your goals and individual wants and needs to help tailor your treatment session so it is specific to you.

Along with physical therapy services, our clinic also offers gym memberships to our fitness center so patients can continue working on their health and fitness after they are discharged from therapy. Showers and private day-use lockers are also available for use for members.

We have also recently added an option of Personalized Fitness Training. We understand the importance of having a regular fitness routine for your overall health and wellness, which is why we are happy to offer these personalized fitness training sessions. We will assess your current fitness level and help you develop an individualized fitness routine that will help you stay healthy and meet your goals.

Bay Physical Therapy & Fitness Center

What's inside:

  • 2500 square-foot cardio/weight room
  • Cardio equipment, weight training machines, free weights and resistance bands
  • Showers and private day use lockers are available for member use