To Kegel or Not to Kegel?

When treating conditions related to the pelvic floor, I’ve come across many patients that have heard about kegels, but many are unclear why they are performing them and or how to correctly perform them. The following statements are very common: “I heard about kegels online and I tried them, but it didn’t help my pain” […]

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Heat or Ice?

This is often times the first conversation you may have with your health care provider after an injury or when dealing with aches and pains. “Which should I use at home? Is one better than the other? What are the benefits of one vs. the other and how do I use them effectively?”. Pain control […]

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What Does Breathing Have To Do With It?

Whether we are lifting something heavy around the house or performing exercises at the gym, at some point in time we have been guilty of holding our breath during movement. In order to understand why holding your breath is detrimental to creating stability and coordination throughout your body, it’s necessary to learn what takes place […]
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