Personalized Fitness Training

Brief Description

At Bay Physical Therapy we understand the importance of having a regular fitness routine for your overall health and wellness. For this reason, we are happy to offer personalized fitness training sessions to help you develop an individualized fitness routine to stay healthy and meet your personal and recreational goals.

Program Details

The personalized fitness training sessions will include an initial fitness assessment and education on recommended exercise guidelines. Following this, a personal workout program will be developed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy with expertise in the musculoskeletal system, exercise prescription, and current recommendations for aerobic, strength and flexibility exercise programs. A follow-up session will go over the exercise program in detail and ensure you are confident in your program.

These sessions can be used to target whatever fitness goals and questions you might have, such as being able to hike further, playing with your grandkids, maintaining your balance, increasing strength, or just a general sense of well-being. The program will be tailored to your personal goals and developed in collaboration with you and the Physical Therapist performing the assessment. Personalized fitness training sessions do not require a doctor's referral and are not covered by insurance.

Personalized Fitness Training Programs

Each program will be tailored to the individual, but some example areas of focus can include:

  • Strengthening program
  • Aerobic conditioning program
  • Bone building program
  • Maintaining balance program
  • Core and flexibility program
  • Circuit training program

Packages Available Initial Assessment (1 hour) Follow-up Sessions (30 minutes) Total Cost
Standard Rate $200 $100 $300
Five Visit Package $200 $80 (x4) $520
Gym Membership Package* $200 $80 $280**
  • *This package is available if purchased with a gym membership
  • **Cost with gym membership will be $325-$330 (monthly unlimited pass = $45, 10 visit membership = $50)